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We Fired Our Health Insurance Company

Leaning heavily to this ministry!


So many friends—and friends of friends—have contacted us about our choice for health care that we decided it might be easier to write out our story. Hopefully our experience will assist you in making the wisest choice for your family. This will be lengthy but worth it. I promise.


Emily & I have been blessed by churches who provided a medical insurance plan for us. My salary has been structured so that the medical insurance payment was held out of my paycheck for the pre-tax benefit. But if I received a cost-of-living raise in January, it was undone in July because the existing policy would adjust upwards somewhere between 13-20% annually. Year after year, I was actually making less money.

About 7 years ago, we began noticing that BCBS paid for less and less while our copays kept increasing. When we questioned them, the answer was always that it was…

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Yapha MD, Grand Opening of House Call DPC Family Medicine

Is your mind prepared?

“In the field of observation,chance favors only the prepared mind.”–Louis Pasteur

Dr Fleming discovered penicillin on an agar plate of staphylococci bacteria after returning from vacation. How many would have thrown the contaminated plate away without realizing that it was inhibiting the bacteria? I suspect the vacation had cleared his mind and gave his body rest that “serendipitously” led to one of the greatest medical discoveries of all time. Is your mind, body, and spirit prepared to receive the chance opportunities you will encounter today?

God’s Glory over the Red River

God's Glory over the Red River

Another beautiful sunset painted by the One True God Jehovah.

Don’t envy or be jealous. Be grateful when others don’t have to endure the pain you have endured.— Dana Mays (@dmaysmd) May 24, 2013